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08 November 2010 @ 11:30 am
(x-posted, sorry for the dupes for people on the other lists)

I have a problem. My LYS(s) SUCK. I used to live near a fabulous place but it's a little out of my reach since I moved and now I'm left with one nearby store with a limited (really) overpriced selection and downright rude owner.
I've thought about making a monthly (or something) trek down to my old LYS (I guess the abbreviation would just be YS in that case) ;) but barring that, I think the Internet is going to become my supplier.

My question is: for those web-savvy folks who do it, where do you go to get your yarn online? Pros and cons? I'd love to hear some experiences.

It's strange how I so readily buy most everything else online but yarn has been a total hang-up for me. :p

Appreciate your feedback! ♥
05 February 2010 @ 03:31 pm
Lookin' for friends on Ravelry! My username there is duckfiend.
Hey, also, would love more friends here at LJ, so. . . Add me? :) See my profile on LJ to get a good idea what you're getting into.
07 August 2009 @ 05:30 pm
Hey, new member here...

I've been crocheting for a while, but apparently I invented my own stitch, I only learned officially a few weeks ago. I have a pattern book that I am trying to work my way through, but I am stuck on a few things, as the book doesn't explain in very much detail how to do certain things.

1. Linked Half Doubles
2. Herringbone half doubles/Doubles
3. Loop Stitch
4. Dc2tog.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer me.
27 July 2009 @ 05:53 am
New member here - I usually knit more than I crochet, because I had a really frustrating experience with a granny square once and had been put off ever since. However, I recently gave it another try and conquered it. I like how much faster crocheting is. :)

I'm currently going crazy with baby blankets for my son, due in October. I made my first crocheted blanket, a 34"x34" giant single granny square with alternating double rows of green and yellow. When my mom and her sisters were all in their 20's and popping out kids, one of my aunts made a crocheted blanket that got passed around to all the sisters for each baby. That blanket was sadly lost, so since I'm the first of my sisters to have a baby, I've made this one with plans to pass it around to each of us as we have kiddos.

I enjoyed it so much that I started another blanket today, this one white and blue. (Because that's the yarn I had lying around, heh.) I'd like this one to be smaller squares that are joined. So we finally get to my questions:

1. Do I sew in my ends before or after the squares are joined? Or does it not matter?
2. What is the prettiest joining method if I would like to use contrasting yarn to sew them together?
3. I was thinking of adding a little border around the edge of the whole thing once it's all sewn together. Any recommendations for border patterns?

And while I'm at it, if anyone has any patterns for cute baby boy stuff, toss them my way. :) I'm not working much these days, so I have plenty of time on my hands.
16 May 2009 @ 03:53 pm
Does anyone have a preference between bamboo hooks and the metal ones? What's your favorite things to practice on?
15 April 2009 @ 10:59 am
i just found this comm and thought i'd fit right in!  i'm not a particularly novice crocheter, but i'm not incredibly experienced either.  however, i do love to crochet!  i've even opened up my own online store to sell some of my creations.   you can visit it here: www.fuzzie-scarves.squarespace.com, or visit its sister LJ site at fuzzie_scarves .

i hope i can help and be helped!

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03 March 2009 @ 02:27 am
Hey guys...it's me "wildheart2tame" I gots a new journal. Just wanted to let you all know!
12 February 2009 @ 04:47 pm
Hey! :D

I've only been crocheting for about a week and a half, but I love it! It's like I've found my zen.

I am a bit slow and tight, so I've only managed to make one thing so far: a pair of armwarmers (useless in Florida).

I think they're pretty cool.Collapse )
04 February 2009 @ 07:04 pm
I am making a cozy for my gps system. I'm a pretty novice crocheter. I taught myself to crochet with some help from my great-grandmother over Xmas. My problem is that the edges of all my peices look messy. How do I keep the edges looking neat?

Here are a few pics of some stuff I've made so far!

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29 January 2009 @ 02:22 am
I'm just starting to crochet.

I was successful in my first project, which was a pouch.

I made it basically by crocheting in the round, based loosely on a pattern. I did not use joins, crocheting continuously.

Then I tried to do it again by changing colors. It worked, techniquely, but only by piecing together a lot of various tutorials that all were quite close, but not exactly what i was trying to do.

Does anyone know a really clear instructions that yields 'perfect' stripes (color changing)

What I'm looking to do is crochet concentric rings, but instead of making it a coaster, making it a pouch.

(Think, bumble bee)

I am ALMOST there, but would like a cleaner look than just guessing and piecemealing thigns together.